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THIS DOCUMENT CONTAINS SPRING SELECTION INFORMATION FOR METAL SEAT. VALVES FOR AIR & STEAM SERVICE. FOR ALL OTHER CONSOLIDATED VALVE SPRING CHARTS. Suspension. Spring Chart. Page 1 of 9. Page 2. Page 2 of 9. Page 3. Page 3 of 9. Page 4. Rear: Page 4 of 9. Page 5. Page 5 of 9. Page 6. SPRING. ITEM. MEDIUM. MEDIUM/HARD. MEDIUM SOFT. COLOR. BLACK/WHITE. BLACK/GOLD. BLACK/BLACK. LENGTH. 23mm. 23mm. 23mm. SPRING RATE. N/mm. N/mm. SPRING WIRE CHART. SPRING ID. Length of Length of. Wire. 10 Coils. 20 Coils. Size. ". 22". 13/8". 2 3/4". BARCOL. CRAWFORD. MCKEE. MOST OTHERS. Use this chart to determine the proper suspension spring rates for your Beta!

Please see the longest spring that will fit your shock in the table above. Pricing and availablility may vary. Please contact FOX directly for additional. To calculate a springs resistance across a known distance, add the initial tension in lbs to the rate in lb per inch of extension. An assortment of several different measurements of compression springs ranging from micro-springs, small springs,medium springs,large springs and heavy duty. Spring Chart View is an award-winning cryptocurrency trading platform that allows you to trade global markets including Crypto, Commodities, Indices. AIR & COIL SPRING CHART - HELP - XFUSION. REAR SPRINGS. (S) SECONDARY 65mm. REAR SPRINGS. REAR. SPRING RATE SETUP CHART. PERFORMANCE SHOCKS. OPTIMUM. SOFT. DUAL RATE. OPTIMUM. MEDIUM. DUAL RATE. OPTIMUM. SPRING RATE CHART. The charts below are a general guideline for selecting spring rates. Spring rates may vary depending on applications, usage and personal. Century Spring's die springs are made from rectangular wire for this reason. table). P = Applied load, pounds p = Pitch Century Spring manufactures stock. Spring Part No. Page Column. Spring Part No. Page Column. W/W. 2. 5. 5. W/G. 1. PLUS. Pan Car Spring Chart. Application. Brand. Color. From. Theorical. Rate (lb/in). To. Rate. (gf/mm). Ref. Center Shock Spring. Wind Tunnel. Orange. 2,0. 35,

MASTER APPLICATION CHART. Page 2. VALVE SPRINGS. SPRING HEIGHT (INCHES). SPRING LOADS (LBS.) MASTER APPLICATION CHART. Page 3. CAM. Spring Charts · 4CS Spring Chart · Link Shock Chart · Link Shock Table · TC Bladder Fork · YZF Fork Chart · YZF Shock. Spring Electrode Chart. Pipe Diameter Length of Spring. 2" 7". 2 ½" 9". 3" 10 ½". 3 ½" 12". 4" 13 ½". 6" 20". 8" 26". 10" 32". 12" 38". 14" 42". 16". Although there are hundreds of different leaf springs that are used on various utility trailer suspensions, we stock some of the most popular utility. SPRING RATE SETUP CHART. * ALL SPRING RATINGS ARE lbs./in. #, # (P) PRIMARY 17mm. FRONT SPRINGS. (S) SECONDARY 42mm. FRONT SPRINGS. SUPER SOFT. the number of the spring rate is after the "-" and is an identification number with corresponding spring rates in N/MM and LBS/IN. Common misteps: There is. spring selection chart. NOTE: Approx. I.D. = Inner diameter. NOTE: Spring free length is given as an aid to identification only. Variations of +1/2”, although. SPRING SELECTION CHART. Page 2. © Maxitrol Company. All Rights Reserved. DRAFT NOTE: Spring free length is given as an aid for the purpose. Use this chart to match the springs to your Team Associated vehicle.

Spring into Action with Free, Customizable, and Downloadable Spring Charts Templates! Elevate Your Projects with Fresh, Vibrant Designs Perfect for the. Different charts are available on various website, here are some linked below: Spring Chart. Buggy Spring Chart (PDF) · Buggy Big Bore Spring Chart (PDF). - Spring identification guideline. Gives information on color codes, part number and spring shape. Section 2: Spring Applications. - Quick reference chart which. Some springs may be too long or short to fit on certain model shocks. Please refer to the charts below before purchasing a new spring for your shock. Please. Use this chart to determine the proper suspension spring rates for your Beta X-Trainer!

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